Rough sea.
Tough equipment.

In addition to custom-made cooking systems in our own production, our product range includes all complementary components for modern and large-scale catering.


Galley Appliances

  • Thermal cooking equipment for all methods of food preparation
  • Modern induction technology
  • Combi-steamers and self-cooking centres
  • Easy service marine constructions
  • Deep fat fryers fulfilling SOLAS2000
  • Special voltages
  • Long term spare part delivery


  • Execution in st.-st. AISI 304 or 316
  • Customized solutions
  • Special hygienic executions H1, H2, H3
  • High standard fittings
  • Foot or frame mounting


  • Our economic standard-line for galley, pantry, and laundry equipment on board container vessels and cargo carriers
  • Standardized, practical design for ship operations
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Excellent price/performance ratio


  • Corresponding to CDC/VSP requirements
  • Highest grade of manufacturing standard in finish
  • Entirely welded constructions available
  • Refrigerated or heated counters

Refrigerated Units

  • Minibars/cabin refrigerators
  • Refrigerators & deep freezers
  • Roll-in refrigerators
  • Shock freezers/blast chillers
  • Ice cream makers
  • Drinking water fountains
  • Walk-in refrigerators and freezers

Galley Machines

  • Planetary gear-driven mixers
  • Vegetable cutters
  • Meat mincers and cutters
  • Meat and bone saws
  • Potato peelers
  • Shellfish washers
  • Standard and automatic meat slicers
  • Juice extractors

Bakery Equipment

  • Large compartment baking ovens with humidifiers, automatic control
  • Fermenting cabinets
  • Kneading machines
  • Dough rollers
  • Automatic and semi-automatic dough rounder and dividers
  • Whipped cream dispensers

Bar & Beverage Technic

  • Bar counters with refrigeration
  • Draught beer installation
  • Premix/Postmix systems
  • Coffee and espresso machines
  • Cold beverages dispensers
  • Ice cube makers

Service Counters

  • Self-service counters
  • Food and beverage counters
  • Cafeteria counters
  • Front-cooking centers
  • Decorative claddings on request
  • Decorative stone tops available

Scullery Equipment

  • Automatic glass washers
  • Undercounter dishwashers
  • Pass-through dishwashers
  • Rack conveyor transport dishwashers
  • Conveyor dishwashers up to 5000 dishes per hour
  • Utensil washing machines of all sizes
  • Vegetable and salad washers


  • Food waste disposers
  • Waste Compactors
  • Glass crushers
  • Waste disposal systems
  • Extra noise reduced versions of waste shredders


  • Washers/Extractors of all sizes
  • Tumble dryers
  • Hydro extractors
  • Flat work ironer
  • Dry cleaning machines
  • Ironing equipment

Special Design

  • Stainless steel and thermal constructions based on client's desires
  • Stainless steel pipe work and container constructions
  • Special stainless steel welding constructions